About Our Studio

At Biassi Pilates we provide expert instruction in Group and Private classes. We want to empower our clients to increase strength and flexibility as well as improve posture, coordination, and balance.

With the programs we provide they can help relieve pain, aid in injury prevention and recovery, create functional strength, and improve lives.

Located in Bellaire, TX and only a few minutes away from the Galleria!

Equipment We Use

Cadillac or Trapeze Table

The Cadillac offers exercise and rehabilitation for all ages and abilities. An extraordinary variety of exercises are possible from gentle beginner moves to more advanced acrobatic moves


The reformer is the most popular and versatile equipment Pilates has to offer and can open the door to many strengthening and stretching exercises.

Reformer with Tower

The reformer tower is engineered for maximum stability, can help your posture and used to enhance any exercise.

Exo Chair

The Exo Chair is a compact workout system that enhances stability, balance and body control. The Exo Chair is also great for any level of fitness.

Wunda Chair with Handle

The Wunda Chair challenges your stamina and balance; it is also easy to use, comfortable and sturdy.

Ladder Barrel

The Ladder Barrel is a spine corrector that is used to strengthen and lengthen the back, shoulders, legs and torso. It also helps isolate deep postural muscles and challenges the body in all planes of movement.

Pilates Arc

The Pilates Arc can also be used as a spine corrector or for exercise. It’s great for mobilizing the spine, shoulders and hips. The wedge can provide trunk stability and back support for various strength and mobility challenged and is especially useful during pregnancy.


The Orbit provides and exciting, full body workout that can enhance flexibility, stability, strength, balance and coordination.


The CoreFitnessRoller creates workouts for a broad range of fitness enthusiast from beginner to advance. This full body workout builds strength, challenges your balance and has multiple cardio benefits.